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Bloviate - words, lots of words...
Automotive Afflictions
461/1000 - Kensington Grey

Mitsubishi Galant VR-4 - 1992

Ever since the first time I ever saw one of these cars, and found out what it was all about, I knew that I wanted one. At one point, I had basically given up on ever being able to afford to have one, and ended up with a DSM (see next affliction)- It satiated the hunger, but not entirely. After a few months, I started looking again, and started keeping my eyes open. I had to have one of these rare, incredibly potent sleeper's. Having the ability to seat four comfortably while irradicating the competition is never a bad thing.

Significant changes are already underway.


Engine Suspension/Mechanical Interior/Exterior

Bottom End
9:1 Wiseco Pistons
Eagle H-Beam Rods
ARP Main Studs & Rod bolts
Balance Shafts Eliminated

HKS 264/272
Crower Springs, Ti Retainers
1mm over SS Valves
Bronze Valve Guides
Mild port work
ARP Headstuds
4 Layer MLS HG
Phenolic Spacer

11x11x2 Oil cooler
External 180* Thermostat
External Filter mount
-8 AN SS lines
NT filter housing

5zigen FN01R-C 17x8
Wanli - Yoko AVSSport fakes 235/45-17
Optima Red-Top Battery
Battery reloated to trunk
Symborski Shifter Base Bushings
Symborski Shifter underhood Bushings

ACT 2600 Clutch (Street disc)
RRE Lightened Flywheel
ES Motor Mount Insert
SS Braided clutch line

MHI Evo III Big 16G Turbo
     (Ported, 34mm Flapper)
2G MAF w/ K&N
Dejon Tool Intake

Kinetic 1g Race FMIC
2.5" Intercooler Piping

Ported 2g Exhaust Manifold

Eclipse 3434 - Head
Alpine V12 - 4 Channel
JBL 300.1 - Monoblock
Polk Seperates
12" Alpine Type 'S' Sub
Greddy Turbo Timer
Autometer Ultralite Boost Gauge
Autometer Ultralite EGT Gauge
Sparco 5-point Camlock Harnesses
ThreeSpeed Harness Bar
Manual Seat Belt Conversion
T/E/L Shifter w/ DSG Type-II Knob

Fuel & Control
Delphi 850cc Injectors
Aeromotive AFPR -6 AN
Walbro 255HP
Keydiver Stage 3 Eprom

Other Stuff:

Photo Gallery

Stock Specifications

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