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Automotive Afflictions
Red, beautiful, expensive - or, the leading lady of this drama

Eagle Talon TSi AWD - 1991

I've had the Talon for a while now (since 10/30/04), and while many things have happened to the car since then, it's definitely not done yet. No, there is a long road ahead for the car to be what I'd truly like it to be. This page will hopefully chronicle some of that.


Engine Suspension/Mechanical Interior/Exterior

Bottom End
8.5:1 2g Pistons
1g Rods
1990 oil housing w/ setrab cooler

EGR Delete

Fluidyne Radiator

MD Weapon 17x8 +42
Yokohama YK580 235/45-17
Whiteline Positive Caster Bushings
Eibach Pro-Kits
AFCO Fully adjustable camber arms
Optima Red-Top Battery

Clutchmasters FX-400 (Sprung 6 Puck)
Fidanza Lightweight Flywheel
SS Braided clutch line

MHI Evo3 16g Turbo
     (Super Ported, open wastegate passage 6cm^2 hotside)
HKS 40mm o2 Mounted Wastegate
3" SS o2 Eliminator
3" SS Vband Exhaust
Ported 2g Manifold
Kinetic 1g race FMIC
2g MAF

JVC Head Unit
Alpine MRP-F240 - 4 Chan
Wired for Sub (distro block etc)
Infinity Reference Speakers
Manual Seat Belt Conversion (not installed)
Momo shiftknob

Fuel & Control
Delphi 850cc Injectors
Aeromotive AFPR -6 AN
Walbro 255HP
PLX M-300
DSMLink v2.5
HKS EVC-EZ (not installed)

Other Stuff:

Photo Gallery

Stock Specifications

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