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Rotating Rants
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Thursday 6-21-2001

The department of licensing. It's really the pit of all the slime from society. Or it appears that way.

Actually, perhaps not slime. Stupidy, ignorance and poor thought processes definitely; but some of the people really are decent, and perhaps not slime. In a very roundabout way I'm coming to my point for this, but not very quickly.

You see, here in Washington the department of licensing is only open four days per week. During those four days, they are open from 9-4. I'm convinced that this is a plot to prevent hard working people from getting license renewals, new licenses, ID cards; and all sorts of other things that they do at that evil den of iniquity.

The question that i pose at this point is, "why"; why are they open so little? Why are they open such stupid hours? I find it ridiculous that the people that pay the taxes to pay for the stupid place have the most trouble getting there while it's open. Do we only want to provide drivers licenses to those on welfare who don't work, and don't even pay for the services used (licensing, roads, etc)? What about the people who are working, and have no way to get up there? Should we just be forgetting about them?

The entire thing is ridiculous, and utterly beyond comprehension. Why? I suppose i'll never know, as my incoherent stream of thoughts probably won't be seen, and therefore won't be noticed as anything important. It's just plain frustrating.

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