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Sunday 6-24-2001

I despise rain. I'm not sure exactly why this has come about, but i attribute it to living in washington for the past twelve years. I'm not against it in all forms on principal either. Maybe it's just the crap we get here.

Rain is a necessary thing. Without it life can't exist, streams dry up, crops fail, people die of thirst. Such is the water cycle, we need it. Perhaps it's attitudes? I've been thinking about this a lot for the past several years. I mean, come on, we have a lot of rainy days here.

I was born in texas; down there they have nice rain. It'll be about ninety degrees, it'll start to thunder, lightning and absolutely POUR down rain. I love that. it's warm, it's really heavy rain. YOu can play out in stuff like that.

Here in washington, the best we ever get is a nice light rain, and usually it's around fifty to sixty degrees when it's raining. Otherwise, it's a drizzle. Constant drizzle really sucks. We had a spell a year or two again, when it never stopped drizzling for over a month and a half. It's no wonder that the pacific northwest has one of the highest suicide rates of any place else in the world. I'm convinced that it's from the drizzle as well... cabin fever and the like.

Part of why i despise the rain in this area so much is from people's attitudes. People here like drizzle (for a decent percentage of the population anyway), and they like cold. I for one hate anything less than about seventy degrees and dry; although i don't mind pouring down rain at over eighty degrees. What's wrong with that?

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