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Bloviate - words, lots of words...
Rotating Rants
by Red Baron


Why are some customers just a pain in the neck? I've often wondered at why they will come in, expect a service, but expect it for free. What is it that makes people assume that they deserve that service?

Where I work at the Auto shop, we have people come in all the time who want us to figure out the problem for free. While estimates of cost are free, the labor in diagnosing a problem can be several hours, and we can't afford to do that for free for all of our customers.

Another thing that sometimes gets on my nerves is when the people with very expensive vehicles come to our shop, and are concerned about the light bulb's cost that we replaced; as it was out. The fact that this light bulb was $1.15 is of no consequence, they must know why they must spend the money on that "unnecessary" thing, such as a turn indicator bulb.

Although I've never been a waiter or a waitress I'm very appalled with people who treat their server poorly, receive good service and then do not tip. As far as I'm concerned, if the server does their job well, they are entitled to a good tip, and at least a thank you. I think that most people don't realize that as a server in a restaurant you don't make a normal wage, you make tips, and then the employer only pays you if you make less than what the minimum wage is. If you make more in tips than you would at minimum than the employer pays nothing, (except taxes) and you do a little bit better. The truth is that most waiters and waitresses aren't making huge money in tips, and are scraping by. I think I'll make a new mantra: good service for me equals good tips for you.

This is a jumbled stream of thinking, and is almost totally unrelated other than the fact that they're both involving customers. Eventually when I'm not so tired and all, I'll re-do it, but I figured you'd enjoy reading my scattered thoughts.

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