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Bloviate - words, lots of words...
Rotating Rants
by Red Baron


So why. Why is quite the most interesting word. We can ask ourselves the question, with pretty much any situation. We come up with pretty much any answer we want to. Why is a variable. Depending on what we put before it or after it, it changes meaning. How many words change meaning, while retaining their core meaning in every situation?

For instance, if I ask you "Why is my computer gray?" you might respond with several different answers. Perhaps the manufacturer only had gray plastic. Maybe it was the designers favorite color. Maybe it just *is*.

The fact of the matter remains the same, why is still asking what makes the question an inquiry into the nature of a question. It can provide different answers. If I had asked instead, "Is my computer gray?" you would have but to look at it, and tell me that yes it is. However if i put "why" on the beginning of the question, you are forced to wonder what makes it that color, instead of just which color it is.

So that brings us back to square one... Why? Is it because i said so? I don't know, why are you asking me? what if i don't know? What is the actual question here? Does anyone know? Why doesn't someone tell me? See how a conversation might run? We always come back to why. It is one of the most utlilized words in the English language, from toddler-hood to death, people ask themselves and others "why?" Oh it might vary on what they're asking about, as life is complex and we can't really expect people to ask about the same things; after all, if they did that, we would have a big book with all the answers. Instead, we continue to ask ourselves that one elusive question. Continue searching for the answers I know that one day i'll find them.


e-mail me and I'll tell you.

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