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Chicken Run
Directed by Nick Park & Peter Lord
Dreamworks Pictures

Chicken Run is a humorous and whimsical tale of a flock of chickens trying to escape from captivity. Directed by Nick Park and Peter Lord, it combine's the trio's experiences in pioneering clay-mation movies. Previous productions include the Wallace and Gromit series, and Creature Comforts. Consistent with these previous films, there is a lot of subtlety, while also being very slapstick.

In Chicken Run there are some parallel's both visually and in the dialogue to older World War Two movies like The Great Escape. The concentration camp feel, and the countless attempts at escape, with punishment in solitary following such attempts. Eventually an American "fly boy" ends up in the chicken yard, and they see him as their ticket out of there. Many very funny adventures ensue after this, of which you have to see!

The younger audience will find this movie funny because of it's slapstick nature and constant jokes. Adults and teens will notice the subtleties and some of the drier British humor. This is one of those movies that I can watch over and over again, and I would recommend it to anyone.

The cast includes Mel Gibson, Julia Sawahla, Miranda Richardson, and Phil Daniels (in starring roles).

Rated G it is acceptable for all audiences, and you can be confident that it will be a quality movie that you can enjoy with friends and family.

To view a trailer of the movie (you will need the Quick-time Player to view it) you can watch it now. It's 3.3MB so it will take a bit of time on a modem, but is worth watching.