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Bloviate - words, lots of words...

(blo·vi·ate)n. To bloviate is to speak loudly, verbosely, and at great length, without saying much.
To learn more about the definition, go bloviate

- American Heritage Dictionary

Recent Additions:
· Food Realm -Red Baron

"The food section of the site is now active (with content!). Find tasty recipes, and other good stuff there. (Sept.10.2004)."

· Need A Read? -Red Baron

"My literary corner has been updated with an essay that asks some interesting questions. Other good reading as well. Check it out. (Sept.10.2004)."

Older Additions:
· 6-24-2001 -Red Baron

"Evolution, romance and best friends, (or human attraction explained)."

· Mp3 Playlist -Red Baron

"I think we all know the reason for this link. =D."

· A Man Don't Know What He Can Do... -Readers Digest

"A story of one mans courage and daring to help another in need. Sometimes those who have been there before are even better equipped to help someone in a similar situation."

· Chicken Run By Red Baron

I review the movie Chicken Run (Dreamworks Pictures)...

· Rants for Metallica by Red Baron

"Why won't Ulrich & crew see the light? Here's where I rant about their idiocy..."

· U2 - All That You Can't Leave Behind by Lars

Lars "Captain Skanka Skanka Falcon" (he made me put that) reviews U2's newest album.

Ever wanted to be a writer? Thought about publishing short stories, or something of the like? if this type of thing appeals to you, e-mail me with your story & perhaps I'd be able to put it up!
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