· Information
    A brief description of why this site exists, what it's here for, and random facts of trivia that i feel that i *must* share.

· My Persona
   Who I am, why i do this, and basically a couple hudred random facts about me.

· Rotating Rants
   The Rotating Rant is a section that is perpetually changing, with new rants coming semi-frequently.

· Musical Adventures
    Interested in music? I'll have links, reviews, clips, and sometimes even whole songs! This is one of my favorite parts of the whole site!

· Catching Me?
    Here you can get contact information for me, give feedback, & just general rants. You can rant anything you desire here & i'll get back to you!

· Need A Read?
   Here we have short stories, poems, book reviews, and music reviews. Take a peek! There's more being added all the time!

· Digital Art
   I'm always experimenting with things, so there's bound to be something new!

· Food Realm
   Stuff relating to food. Some things will be recipes, some things tutorialized with pictures. Yummy stuff here.

· Offsite Links
    These are the links you need to get to more content related to what is on this site.

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Catching Me
A difficult task simplified...

Here's a place for you to find out how to contact me, or a place to submit your thoughts for me to see.

Contact information:

Email: andrews@ikonboard.com

AOL Instant Messanger: Skaman8u (click to message)

MSN Messanger: crimsonzombie@hotmail.com

You Respond

Unfortunately I haven't had a chance to finish this and get it to the point of which you can actually do something with it. It will work soon (eventually?).

Hate Mail / Love Mail:

I haven't gotten any of this yet, and if I had, I haven't had time to finish how I would like it set up. Send me some?