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Bloviate - words, lots of words...
Rotating Rants
by Red Baron


Why won't Ulrich & crew see the light?

People wonder, "now why is Metallica a rant? don't you like music?" well, here's the answer. Metallica had some songs that I used to like, but as far as I'm concerned they will get no more money, time, or anything else from me.

Why am I now so anti-Metallica you might ask? Well, it all began last year when Metallica (who has more money than they know what to do with) got greedy and decided to alienate their fans by having them banned from Napster (300,000+ users). In my opinion, sure you can speak out about your issues with a technologie that *could* be taking away your profits. In reality, Napster isn't taking away profits as sales of albums have gone up almost 20% in the past year. I think that knowing this fact, and knowing how much money a band like Metallica makes at one show; it's pretty short-sighted to do something to purposely hurt your fans. I don't think that Lars Ulrich (drummer) and the rest of the guys in Metallica realize that they've probably hurt themselves more by going after Napster, Mp3 and their loyal fan base than Napster ever could, even if everyone online was downloading Metallica songs.

I don't think that Metallica realizes that they have (or perhaps *had*) a huge fan base, who went out and bought every one of their albums. Logic is so unknown to some people as it would seem... but I digress. If wisdom had prevailed in the likes of Lars Ulrich (the most vocal of the Metallica crew) they would have used this technology to the fullest and for their best interests. Instead of alienating their fans they could have partnered with Napster and could possibly have seen great sales and publicity; instead of dimminishing sales and infamy. Napster has been endorsed by several bands and the user-base of Napster has been encouraged to go out and purchase these band's albums if they enjoy them to keep their support and to show the band that they appreciate their support of Napster.

Radiohead recently tried something totally unconventional in the release of their new album "Kid-A." They did not advertise it, nor did they release it to radio stations. They dropped the album onto Napster a week before the album was released. The two days after the album came out it was #1 on Billboard's CD sales charts. Now, two weeks after the release it's holding steady at #10 on the biggest sales list. I think that this says something about the uses that we could find for Napster, and why bands like Metallica are really hosing themselves, I mean, if they'd USE the technology for their advantage, they'd not only have a lot less fans that feel betrayed, and a lot more publicity, without the high cost.

Unless Metallica reverses their attitude about MP3 and Napster I for one will never buy one of their albums. However, for the bands who are supporting Napster, I have bought their albums, and will continue to do so. Metallica, if you ever reverse your stance, and jump on the bandwagon, (it's still not too late!) there are albums of yours that I like, and would buy. Just to let you know, you've lost a potential fan, but it's not too late to regain some of those 300,000+ that you betrayed. Until then, I'll be a Napster-ite, and not a Metallica-head. Too bad I can't be both huh?...

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