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Bloviate - words, lots of words...
Want To Write?
by Red Baron

Everyone has some words in them, sometimes we just need to write... Interested in a place to do that? I might just be able to help.

As I meander across the net, I find people writing all over the place. Blogs, journals, fanfic, whatever. I end up doing a lot of writing myself, although most of my writing falls under the category of "ranting". What I'm looking for is people who want to write. Simple isn't it?

It's not quite that simple I suppose though. I'm looking for short stories, poems. Original stuff. If you decide that this might be a fun way for you to get some exposure (hey, stranger things could happen), you should e-mail me and let me know.

Oh yes, there's another thing that I almost neglected to mention. Send me a sample, or send the actual work. Whichever works best for you. let's talk! One rule though, Spell & Grammar Check!! I can't stress those two enough, as I don't have time to be an editor (even though I do so like doing that type of work) and I don't want to put misspelled or poorly punctuated stuff up here.